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The Journey to your Dream Smile starts HERE!

An orthodontist and dentist review each and every clear braces case.

They are on standby for all of our patients!



We know you are serious about straightening your teeth –

We are too!

This doesn’t mean clear braces should be inconvenient and expensive.

We can effectively straighten your teeth from the convenience of your home just as you would at the Dentist or Orthodontist. We offer professional dental consultations and whitening for life* with all of our aligner cases.


Our aligners straighten teeth in 50% LESS time than our competitors.


From the convenience and comfort of your own home.

* Good for one person and includes (4) 3ml syringes per year for a period of 10 years. Each syringe is enough product use for 3 whitening treatments.




Teeth straightening does not have to be expensive

We are manufacturing our aligners at the same laboratory your dentist has ordered from. The only true difference is how much you’ll save on clear braces. Buying directly from the dental lab costs less and is more convenient. No professional markup! We are available 8am – 5pm Eastern time. Please give us a call!

Why [strāt smiles]?

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Dont take our word for it, take theirs.

Have some questions about [stt smiles] invisible teeth aligners?

A lot to smile about

Here’s how you’ll benefit from the strāt smiles treatment plan:

Most Affordable

Smile in confidence knowing you didn’t break the bank. No office visits or appointment fees here! The aligners are shipped right to your front doorstep.

Completely Clear

You don’t want anyone to even notice you are wearing them so we designed them to be as discreet as possible. No bulkieness and they do not change the way you speak. We have the most Invisible aligners on the market!


Visits to the orthodontist and dentist are time consuming, usually unpleasant, and not to mention pricey! With our process, the entire treatment is done right from the convenience and comfort of your home.

Dental professionals on standby

We are a team of trained professionals with a passion in helping you along your journey to a strāter smile. Our staff of dental professionals are available to help with any questions along the way and will be there to review, offer expertise and monitor your progress.

Pain Free

Remember getting braces and all the pain and soreness that came with them? And the frequent office visits to tighten them resulting in even MORE pain? You won’t experience any of that with your new strāt smile! No pain in our game!

Fast Results

Just imagine: A straight, beautiful, bright smile just in time for your vacation, reunion, anniversary, wedding, school picture, or upcoming holiday! We believe that you shouldn’t have to wait to have your best smile ever. In most cases, our clients’ teeth are straightened in 6 months or less. Did we mention NO office visits?

Teeth Whitening Included

Because you can’t have a Strāt Smile without a white strāt smile! We love going the extra mile to make our clients smile even brighter, so, your purchase of Strāt smiles always includes whitening for life …..on us!  Learn More

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Get ready to strāt up SMILE!

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  • After 13 years or perfecting many smile enhancement products and being the first to market and innovate consumer teeth whitening products.

  • With every purchase of a strāt smiles treatment plan, we give a complete dental care kit to a child or adult in need around the world.

  • Let us brief you in case you aren’t aware of their incredible success story. Align Technology, the creators of Invisalign, was founded in 1997.