Does It Really Work?

Does It Really Work?

You have heard of Invisalign, right?

Let us brief you in case you aren’t aware of their incredible success story. Align Technology, the creators of Invisalign, was founded in 1997 by Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth in San Jose, California. Chishti was an adult orthodontic patient when he came up with the idea of Invisalign. He was struggling with a retainer as part of his own treatment, and realized that such an approach could probably be used for the entire orthodontic procedure. Teaming up with Wirth, the two began looking for developers. As Stanford University students, it made sense to look for partners on their own campus. They found Apostolos Lerios and Brian Freyburger, and the four officially created Align Technology. Their first investors came from Kleiner Perkins Caufield, and (like so many startup success stories) they began developing their product in a Menlo Park, California, garage.

Freyburger and Lerios took care of the computer graphics part of the company, bringing in fellow graduate student Marc Levoy. Intensive research in CAD modeling, capturing geometry and 3D printers was necessary to get the aligners on track. Ultimately, they perfected the necessary programming for “incremental retainers,” thanks to access to a campus lab. At first, even after FDA approval, orthodontists were skeptical about such a drastic shift — especially since none of the founders or partners had any orthodontic expertise. However, consumer demand forced orthodontists to adopt this revolutionary treatment option.

Now, don’t think by reading this we are trying to persuade you to use Invisalign over us! We feel it is important for you to understand that our products are made the same way that Invisalign’s are made, but we are able to cut out the ‘middle man’, AKA the dentist/orthodontist — who essentially buys the Invisalign product, DOUBLES or TRIPLES their cost, charges you office visit fees and other random fees that make affording them almost impossible to most people.

At strāt smiles, We are able to get you a price that is 70% less than our competitors by going strāt (see what we did there?) to the lab which is made up of a team of dental professionals with over 33 years of experience in this industry and over 6 years of making these clear aligners.

After doing thousands of cases, we are confident that what we say we can do, we can do. We guarantee that we will straighten your smile in less than 6 months, with not one trip to the dentist.

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