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What is [strāt smiles]?

[strāt smiles] is a system of clear aligners similar to Invisalign® which is used to treat mild orthodontic problems. The aligners are manufactured in the same dental lab your dentist would order from.

What can the [strāt smiles] system be used for?

We call it “tweeking” the teeth. Mild to moderate gaps, crowding or rotations are perfectly suited for this treatment


  • Cases where there is slight crowding, small rotations or minor tooth gaps need to be closed.
  • The [strāt smiles] system is ideal for those people who require minor refinements following more extensive orthodontic treatment.
  • Following orthodontic treatment many people forget to wear their retainers and teeth begin to move back towards their original position. The [strāt smiles] system is ideal for those who want to correct the small movements that have occurred over time.
  • As we age our teeth position seems to move forward. [strāt smiles] can realign our teeth back to their straight position.

How do I know if these aligners will work for me?

Unlike our competitors, we offer a Completely Free Professional Evaluation. The pictures you submit will tell us whether or not you are a candidate and your personalized treatment plan. You will know all of this prior to investing any money on that dream smile.

How long does treatment take?

The treatment time depends on the amount of tooth movement required but typically treatment times are 6 months or less.

How Does it work?

Our process is similar to Invisalign®, our aligners are molded based on your impressions. Our dental technicians will create specifically designed aligners that fit your teeth and put pressure on the teeth in the direction of which they need to be moved in order to create a [strāt smiles]..  Each set of aligners is worn for 3 weeks. Each set is a little different from the previous one and gradually pushes the targeted teeth into position. At the end of treatment, you will wear a retainer to keep your teeth in their new position.

What is the procedure?

Following a professional evaluation to see if you are a candidate your personal consultation will include the specifics of your personal treatment plan.

You will then order an Impression which is then delivered to the lab and is used as a guide to fabricate your clear aligners.


You will wear each set of aligners for 3 weeks for about 22 hours a day removing them to eat and clean your teeth. You will know when it is time to change to your next set of aligners when your aligners begin to feel loose. Once your final set of aligners have been worn for 3 weeks you have completed treatment and you should have straight teeth.

Can aligners be used if I have severely crooked teeth?

No. [strāt smiles] has been designed for mild to moderate cases and best results.

Does the Aligner system hurt?

Some patients feel a little tightness and slight discomfort when they first try the aligners on but it shouldn’t be painful. After a couple days the aligner will naturally loosen as it puts pressure on the tooth to move as desired.